Peak LED Logan Lights Peak LED Logan Lights

Peak LED is not a well known name in flashlights. They are an American manufacturer... 

Flashlight Belt Wear Flashlight Belt Wear

Question: I'm a handyman by trade and am looking for a small flashlight... 

Fenix TK40 Flashlight Fenix TK40 Flashlight

Sometimes you just need more light. For those occasions, Fenix makes... 

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Mystery Ranch Three Day Assault Pack: Part 1 Mystery Ranch Three Day Assault Pack: Part 1

Mystery Ranch is a company headquartered in Bozeman, Montana who specializes... 

Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell on Board Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell on Board

Spec-Ops Brand makes a useful little pouch designed to be used as a BDU... 

SOTech Go-Bag SOTech Go-Bag

SOTech has been making some of the highest quality go-bags and bug-out... 

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Cutting Tools

New ZT Knives & Hinderer Flipper New ZT Knives & Hinderer Flipper

Update!: The ZT Knives Hinderer flipper, model 560, should begin shipping... 

Zero Tolerance Knives 0550 Zero Tolerance Knives 0550

For those interested, Zero Tolerance Knives recently released an update... 

Emerson Knives Multi-tool Emerson Knives Multi-tool

Fans of Emerson Knives or those waiting for an ultra-high quality multi-tool... 

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Selecting and Wearing the Best Ankle Holster Selecting and Wearing the Best Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are a common method of carrying a pistol. They're called... 

Leather Holster Makers Leather Holster Makers

These days holsters made from injection molded plastic and thermoplastic... 

Alessi PCH IWB Holster Alessi PCH IWB Holster

Sometimes in life things come too little, too late. That is definitely... 

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Your Favorite EDC Items Your Favorite EDC Items

The purpose of this post is to elicit some help from readers. I'm curious what others people's favorite everyday carry items are. It could be anything from a specialized tool to an Ipad! Send me an email or comment below and let me know. Also be sure to include the country where you are located. It will be interesting to see any geographic trends... [Read more of this review]

Pocket Urban Survival Kit Pocket Urban Survival Kit

In a previous post, titled Everyday Carry Urban Survival Kit, I discussed some gear to consider carrying in preparation of urban survival scenarios. The purpose of the post was simply to give the reader some ideas to consider, not to be a definitive list. Most, if not all, of the items are tools that are useful for everyday carry anyways.... [Read more of this review]

Lifesaver Bottle Review Lifesaver Bottle Review

No, we aren't talking about bottle modeled after the candy. The Lifesaver bottle was developed by a British company as a water bottle with a built-in filtering system. Having the filter made into the bottle negates having to carry around a separate filter. When looking for water filtration systems, you have to read the fine print to determine... [Read more of this review]

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