County Comm EOD Utility Bag

Call ‘em what you want:  “Man bags,” “man purses.”  The reality is you can carry a lot more stuff in a bag than you can on your person, and this truth has been recognized by many who keep bags loaded with necessary items ranging from tools to first aid kits.      

The County Comm EOD Utility Bag is definitely one worth mentioning.  I purchased one a couple of years ago and have found it useful.  At the time, it was one of the few bags of its kind.  

I immediately liked the bag due to its size and the amount of MOLLE webbing on the exterior of it.  I found the EOD bag to be the perfect size for a go-bag or bug-out bag.  It has enough space inside to carry a spare pistol, pistol mags, knife, medical supplies (i.e., immediate blood stoppers), flashlight (such as the Surefire L1), batteries, protein bars, multi-tool, and a Nalgene water bottle.  It will fit under the seat of a vehicle without a problem.

The external webbing allows for attachment of magazines for the rifle of your choice, smoke grenades, distraction devices, etcetera.

Inside it has a webbed pocket with Velcro closure on one side and vertical open pockets on the other.

My only complaint is the location of the carry strap swivels.  They are located at the mid section of the bag, making it topple easy during carry.  Otherwise, it is a great bag.  The price on County Comm EOD Utility bag has also dropped since I bought mine.  Now you can afford to buy them in all three colors, letting you color coordinate in a way that would make Jack Bauer jealous.

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