Eagle Industries E & E Bag Review: Part 2

In the previous post on the Eagle Industries Escape and Evasion Bag, I gave a brief description of the bag, its' features, and its' size. After some use, I have some thoughts about the bag and the design.

To begin with, the E and E bag is the maximum size that I would want in a bug-out bag. A smaller and thinner bag is easier to carry with firearms and also works better as a makeshift assault vest. So if you only need to carry a few things in the bag, such as an active shooter bag, then a smaller one would probably work better. That said, the E and E bag will carry a lot of stuff. If your inner boy scout makes you pack every conceivable piece of high speed gear, then this is the bag for you.

Right now the E and E bag is available in the usual colors; black, gray, green, and khaki. Khaki seems to be one of the most popular colors. Keep in mind however, Eagle uses its' proprietary kahki color which has a definite tinge of green. In fact, my khaki bag uses green webbing. I am hopeful that in the future Eagle will introduce the bag in more discreet colors like blue, red, and green. Doing so would keep in line with the intended use of the bag. I think that a blue E and E bag would appear to be a typical camera bag to most people.

The biggest complaint that I have with the bag is the included holster that holds a pistol in place in the pistol compartment. It is a bit flimsy and only uses thin elastic to wrap around the pistol's slide. In fairness, the pocket was only intended to be used with medium and small pistols because a large one barely fits in the pocket when stored at an angle suitable for drawing.

The other complaint that I have is admittedly minor. The bag has a permanently installed carry strap. The strap is well placed to alleviate flipping and has a shoulder pad. I would have preferred, however, for the carry strap to be removable for those times when it is not needed. I have also heard complaints that the strap is too short, but I have not experienced that problem.

In closing, the Eagle Industries E and E bag is a high quality bug-out bag that offers more modularity than anything else currently on the market. I would like to see Eagle make some hook and loop backed pouches for use with the hook and loop panel inside the main compartment of the bag.

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