Eagle Industries E & E Bag Revisited

I previously did a two part review on the Eagle Industries E and E bag.  To recap, the escape and evasion (E and E) bag is intended to discreetly carry your most pertinent emergency items; IE, bug-out bag.  The discreet design is what makes this particular bag stand out from the competition.  

Having used the bag for over a month on a daily basis, i'm giving an update on how it is holding up and further thoughts about its' design.

First of all, Eagle's construction quality is outstanding.  There is not so much as a loose thread on the bag, and it is carried filled to the brim with gear everyday.  The more I use the bag the more I appreciate the design of the interior and exterior pockets.  They keep everything nicely organized and easily obtainable. 

The only real complaint that I have at this point that I did not already address in the previous review is the shoulder pad on the carry strap.  I find that it is constantly falling off of my shoulder when I don't put the carry strap over my head.  I feel that it needs some sort of rubberized non-skid material that sticks better to clothing.  I may work on some home remedies in the future. 

Other than that nitpick the bag is great.  I couldn't ask for a better designed and constructed bug-out bag. 

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