Eagle Industries Sigma III Bag with M4 Insert

Having gear and equipment does no good if you don't have a way to carry it to where you need it.  Whether traveling for work, pleasure, or training, having a complete method of carrying your equipment discreetly is a must, especially if that equipment includes firearms. 

Every now and then you see a piece of gear that just makes sense.  The Eagle Industries Sigma III bag is one such item.  The Sigma III is essentially a large duffle bag with a built-in pocket for a padded protective case made to carry 16" barrel or smaller AR-style rifles.  The best thing about the bag is that it looks like a standard duffle bag failing to notify anyone of its' contents.  For range use, the padded insert can be pulled out and carried separately. 

The main interior of the bag is a roomy 5284 cubic inches, according to Eagle's website.  That is big enough to carry most anything that would be carried in a duffle-style bag.

Opposite the rifle pocket is two smaller pockets.  

After using a Sigma III bag with M4 insert for over a year, I have become very fond of it.  There are a few improvements that I would like to see Eagle make.  First of all, I would like to see a hard plastic insert or padding added to the bottom of the bag to make it more stable.  When placing items in the bag, it tends to collapse.  I feel that having more stiffness in the bottom would alleviate some of that.

I would also like to see Eagle beef up the shoulder pad on the carry strap.  Mine tore open in short order when carrying the bag daily fully loaded.  I understand that Eagle is making a heavier duty shoulder pad now and plan to upgrade soon.

Lastly, I would like to see Eagle make some padded handgun inserts for the smaller pockets similar to the rifle insert that comes with the bag.  

Overall, it is a great piece of gear made to the typically high quality Eagle Industries standard.  If you have a need to carry a lot of gear or equipment discreetly, check the bag out.


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