Emdom KitMat

Every now and again you see a new product and think to yourself “why didn’t I think of that?”  The Emdom KitMat is one such item.  

In short, the Emdom KitMat is a roll-up mat with two pouches built in to contain cleaning supplies for firearms.  The idea is simply that anyone can have a portable work space and cleaning supply container for use in the field where more elaborate accessories are not practical.  

The KitMat was a collaboration between Military Moron and Emdom and the amount of thought put into the design is evident.  For example, the KitMat features a square patch of fuzzy Velcro in one corner with corollary Velcro strips to keep gun parts from rolling or blowing off the mat.  

The KitMat is roughly 18” by 23” when unrolled and rolls up to 10” by 4,” which is plenty small enough to fit inside a gear bag or rucksack.  Two attached bungee chords keep the KitMat rolled up.  

The KitMat retails for $40 and is available directly from Emdom.   


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