Mystery Ranch Three Day Assault Pack: Part 1

Mystery Ranch is a company headquartered in Bozeman, Montana who specializes in making what are probably the highest quality backpacks in the world. Their designs offer unique qualities that you won't find from other manufacturers. More important, their packs are made to be used hard.

They offer a variety of packs made for hiking, camping, hunting, and for military or tactical use.

One of the most unique aspects of the Mystery Ranch packs are their tri-zip design. To begin with, Mystery Ranch uses modified zippers with a urethane cover to make them as water resistant as possible. They appear to be a normal zipper installed upside down but are not. The zipper design make a large "Y" across the back of the pack separating it into two flaps and the lid. The bottom of the "Y" continues to the bottom of the pack. This makes it easy to access items in the bottom of your pack. Compared to a traditional top-loading pack, this design is much more convenient.

I've been using one of their Three Day Assualt packs for a while now and wanted to give a few comments on it. As the name implies, the assault pack is intended to be a three day sustainment pack. It's main internal compartment is 2000 cubic inches.

Inside the main compartment are three pockets, each large enough to hold a 100 oz hydration bladder. There are also two additional mesh zippered pockets on each of the flaps. In the middle of the internal compartment are 3 rows of MOLLE loops that are each 3 loops wide for attachment of a modular pouch.

Inside of the lid are two more pockets accessible without opening the mail compartment. The largest runs the length of the lid and the smaller is an admin-type pocket with organizing for small items such as pen and paper.

Stand by for the next part of his review and I'll touch on the pack's comfort and unique fitting system.


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