SOTech Go-Bag

SOTech has been making some of the highest quality go-bags and bug-out bags on the market for some time now. Their most popular ones are probably the Go-Bag and the Mission Go-Bag.

SOTech's Go-Bag was the first released, being designed as a fast-grab sling bag that could be carried over the shoulder or across the body. They later added the Go-Bag Extended to their line-up.

Either by design or unintentionally, the Extended Go-Bag works great as a bug-out bag because the main compartment is just long enough to carry an AR15 barreled upper receiver.

The bag is built around the main compartment which has a dual zipper closure. The zippered lid is padded with closed-cell foam for comfort because it is the side that rests against the body when worn. If planning to carry an AR15 or other sensitive items inside the bag, SOTech also sells a padded insert to separate the items.

Opposite of the zippered lid are two medium-sized pockets that will carry several AR15 magazines each, a first aid kit, or whatever else you want to put in them. There are also zippered pockets on each side of the main compartment. The pockets are made for thin items, however, and would work best for things such as maps, documents, or electronic items like a GPS or iPOD.

Sewn on to each side of the Go-Bag are two sets of three rows of MOLLE attachment points. The MOLLE attachment points greatly enhance the versatility of the bag by allowing the user to ad the modular pouches of their choice.

The shoulder strap is wide and padded, making the bag comfortable even when weighted down. It also has three rows of MOLLE attachment points with two columns. Small pouches would be ideal there, such as a compass pouch.

Having used the Go-Bag Extended for a while now, there are some things to keep in mind. A 16" barreled upper with A2 flashhider will barely fit. The bag opening has to be stretched to make it work. Anything shorter than 16" works great. Also, SOTech's coyote is closer to Eagle Industry's "Matt Johnson Kahki," appearing to be more green than brown.

All in all the SOTech Go-Bag is a great piece of kit and is made to last a lifetime. Even better, SOTech occasionally puts them on sale for bargain prices.

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