Blackberry Storm Review

If you somehow haven't heard about it by now, the Blackberry Storm is Research In Motion's (RIM) answer to the iPhone.  After the AT&T and iPhone partnership revolutionized the cell phone industry, the other cell phone companies realized that they would need a similar phone of their own to be competitive.  In December of 2008, Verizon Wireless's Blackberry Storm was introduced.  

From the start, there are some obvious differences between the Storm and the iPhone.  For example, the Storm does not have WiFi capability (thank you very much Verizon (heavy on the sarcasm)).  The Storm does have a MicroSD slot (and comes with a 16GB card), user changeable battery, and brilliant 480x360 display.  

Although it doesn't have WiFi, I haven't found that to be an issue because the phone has good coverage in the areas where I live and work.  Browsing the internet on Verizon's network is fairly quick and painless.  However, loading large webpages can be tedious. 

I have found the music player on the Storm to be as good or better than other digital music devices negating the need to carry a cell phone and MP3 player or iPOD.  When listening to music on the Storm, the music player will automatically stop when you receive a phone call.  You can later restart where it left off. 

There aren't as many applications available for the Storm as there are for the iPhone, yet.  There are a lot of them available, however, and downloading them has been easy.  Common ones such as Google Maps or Youtube install quickly and are simple to use on the Storm. 

Sound quality on the Storm when talking has been fine.  It is easy to hear the other person and I have not run into any issues with them hearing me.  Dialing on the Storm is not as intuitive as it is on dedicated cell phones, but it is by no means difficult.  It just adds another step or two. 

To conclude, the Storm is a great cell phone that has very usable email, browser, and music player integrations.  If you are looking for a phone like the Storm, then give it consideration.  While it won't knock the iPhone from it's mantle, it is a solid product from RIM and Verizon. 


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