Motorola KRZR Cell Phone

I’ve never been much of a techie guy.  Electronics are cool if they make life easier, but I don’t have to have the latest, greatest gadget.  When it comes to cell phones, my needs are relatively simple.  I don’t need keyboards, internet access, weather reports, etc.  I just want clear calls that don’t get dropped, and a phone that is intuitive to use.

This website is about everyday carry items, and almost everyone carries a cell phone around with them.  With that in mind, I thought I would mention the Motorola KRZR.  

I’ve been using a Motorola KRZR for over a year now, and it is easily the best cell phone I’ve ever had.  The calls are incredibly clear, and the controls and key pad on the phone are easy to use.

Compared to the Motorola RAZR, the KRZR feels more natural to use because it is narrower.  The KRZR also addresses the problem that has plagued the RAZR of difficulty hearing conversations.  

For those of you wanting more features, the KRZR does double duty as a music player with external controls to select the song you want to hear without flipping it open.  

The KRZR also has a slot in the back for a microSD card to store and transfer your media from other devices.  

To conclude, it would be hard for a new cell phone to replace the Motorola KRZR for me as the performance has been outstanding.


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