Otterbox Defender Review

The capabilities of modern cell phones are staggering.  There aren't many people who don't have one on their person constantly.   Likewise, we depend on them for business, pleasure, and emergencies.  Through day-to-day use, however, they get dropped, scratched, sat on, and take a myriad of other types of abuse.










Otterbox has built their company around manufacturing small specialty protective cases.  They are typically used for carrying sensitive electronic items.  Otterbox has recently begun making protective cases for cell phones such as the iPhone and the  Blackberry. 

Known as the Defender, the case completely encloses the phone.  A plastic case snaps around the phone and has a silicone protective layer that attaches over the plastic.  A clear screen protects the phone's display as well as the camera.  

I purchased the Defender that fits the Blackberry Storm.  I've been using the Defender for several days and have been pleased with it.  I was worried that the extra protective layer over the touchscreen would hinder scrolling, but that has not been the case.  While screen sensitivity is reduced, I have not found it to be a problem.  

The micro-USB port and earphone jack are covered by the silicon layer to keep dust and debris out.  The Defender is not watertight, however.  The ear speaker is also covered by a thin layer.  In use, I have had to turn up the volume to hear people on the other end of the line.  Turning the volume up solved the problem, but the extra layer does reduce the audible sound coming from the speaker. 

The biggest negative for the Defender, in my experience is its' size.  The case alone is 4.75" by 2.80" by .90".  I have found that it is easier to hold while talking because there's physically more phone to grab on to.  For me, the additional size is not a deal killer, but keep it in mind if considering purchasing a Defender.

Also included with the Defender is a belt holster.  I've found it to be good quality and the phone snaps into place nicely.  When worn on a belt, the Defender and belt holster combination is relatively slim and comfortable to wear.  

To conclude, the Defender case is not for everyone.  If you are looking for something to protect your phone and don't mind the added bulk then the Defender might be for you.  White, black, yellow, and pink Defenders are available for the iPhone, but only black ones are available for the Blackberry.


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