Milt Sparks Gun belt Review

A quality gun belt is mandatory when carrying a handgun.  Most often the weight of a pistol is in the grip creating a tendency for it to try and topple away from the body.  Utilizing a stiff belt prevents the topple feeling while also establishing a solid platform from which to draw the pistol.  

Currently, there are two major materials used in making gun belts; leather and nylon.  The best of the nylon ones is the Wilderness Instructor belt.  

There are times, however, when something classier or dressier is needed.  That is the niche of leather gun belts.  When it comes to leather gun belts, the offering from Milt Sparks is the one by which all others are judged.  

The reason is simple.  The Milt Sparks gun belt is made using two layers of quality cowhide which are cut on a curve and then stitched together.  The curvature of the belt makes it comfortable as soon as you put in on since no break-in period is required.

One aspect of the Milt Sparks belt that sets it apart from others, in my opinion, is the hardware that they use.  I don’t know where they get it from, but the buckle that Milt Sparks uses is heavy duty and looks great.  They are available either in natural brass or nickel plated.  

The Milt Sparks gun belts are available in the usual colors, black and brown, and are custom made to order.  If you need a quality gun belt, you won’t be sorry bought one from Milt Sparks.   


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