Oakley E Wire Sunglasses

Everyday carry sunglasses are a reality for many people.  Everyone has different criteria for what they look for in sunglasses.  For example, some look at price, style, lens impact resistance, tints, etc.

As mentioned in the post on Oakley Half Jackets, I have had a pair of Oakley E Wires for a while.  I bought them because I liked the style.  However, I learned quickly that the wire sunglasses aren’t as durable as plastic ones, or O Matter ones in the case of Oakleys.  

The good news is that Oakley’s customer service is easy to work with.  I returned the E Wires to Oakley and they repaired them, charging only for return shipping.

In my opinion, Oakley’s wire series of sunglasses are some of their classiest offerings.  They go especially well with a suit, or even just shirt and tie.  

Another great attribute of the E Wires is that they fit faces that are too small for Oakley’s O Matter frames.  I have always felt that many of the O Matter frames are huge.  They look awkward on small faces.  The E Wires work well with smaller faces while still having plenty of eye coverage to block the sun.  

In summation, if you are in the market for wire sunglasses, take a look at Oakley’s wire offerings.  Just don’t do like I did and carry them in a case when you aren’t wearing them.  


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