Oakley Flak Jackets: Review Update

In June I added a post on the new Oakley Flak Jackets.  Since then, I've been wearing them everyday so I decided to post more thoughts. 

One of the big advantages of the Flak Jackets, according to Oakley, is their Hydrophobic lenses that are supposed to repel grime and fingerprints.  Honestly, I see little to no difference between the Flak Jackets and other Oakley lenses in the same tint.  I don't doubt that the coating has a benefit, I just don't see it. 

In regards to the frame design, I've become very fond of the Flak Jacket style.  They have become my favorite Oakley frame.  The design is extremely comfortable and sleek.  I  can find no faults with it. 

One thing that I wish Oakley would do for the Half Jackets and Flak Jackets is develop a guard material to go along the very bottom edge of the lens.  I find that the half-frame style lenses are very prone to nicks and chips during everyday use.  Having a guard, for lack of better term, on the lenses would still allow them to be swapped out but give them some protection.  

Overall, the Flak Jackets have become my favorite sunglasses.  They are definitely an improvement over the Half Jackets. 


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