Oakley Sunglasses – Half Jackets

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors or who participate in active sports, quality sunglasses are pretty much mandatory.

In the past, I’ve worn a variety of name brand and knock-off sunglasses.  My first pair of Oakleys was a pair of E Wires, which I promptly broke within days.  Learning from my mistakes, I got a pair of Oakley Half Jackets, and am not looking back.  They are by far the best sunglasses I’ve ever had.

To start with, they are lightweight, to the point that you don’t know you’re wearing them.  Second, they are very durable.  If the frame is stressed, the limbs will pop out from their joints rather than break.

One of the best things about the Half Jackets is their interchangeable lenses.  Replacement lenses are available in many shades so that you can tailor the lens tint to your specific needs.    

On top of it all, Oakley has been more supportive of active sports, specifically the shooting sports, than any other eyewear manufacturer.  When you also consider their optical clarity, protective qualities, and that they have a great government employee purchase program, there really is no other choice.


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