Review of Oakley Flak Jackets

Oakley recently released a couple of new sunglass models.  One of those is the Flak Jackets.  

Having been a fan of the Oakley Half Jackets in the past, I bought a pair of Flak Jackets to try out.  

Immediately, I noticed that the Flak Jackets are lighter than the Half Jackets, which is saying a lot because the Half Jackets are already lightweight.  The Flak Jackets are definitely much lighter than metal framed sunglasses, such as the Oakley E Wires

The Flak Jackets also are narrower in design, hugging closer to the face.  People with extremely small faces that found the Half Jackets to be too large may like the fit of the Flak Jackets.  

The stems of the Flak Jackets are also thinner making them more comfortable when wearing headphones or ear muffs for long periods of time.  

Like the Half Jackets, the Flak Jackets have interchangeable lenses so that you can tailor the lens tint to your specific use or environment.  

The Flak Jacket’s lenses also benefit from a new technology that Oakley has dubbed Hydrophobic.  Hydrophobic is a lens treatment that repels water and oil to keep the lenses streak-free.  I haven’t had the Flak Jackets long enough to notice any difference in the lenses but time will tell how valuable the Hydrophobic treatment really is.

Overall, I am very pleased with Oakley’s new Flak Jackets.  They have replaced the Half Jackets as my EDC sunglasses.      


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