Bark River Bravo 2 Neck Knife

I recently added a post on one of the most popular neck knives on the market, the Becker Knife and Tool Neck Knife. A new neck knife has recently been released from Bark River Knife and Tool, another company known for making rugged high-performance knives. Bark River is known for making sharp knives with concave grinds out of A2 tool steel.

The Bark River necker, deemed the Bravo 2, is made of 12c27, a Scandinavian stainless steel known for having decent edge holding. I would have preferred A2, but the 12c27 is more corrosion resistant.

The dimensions on the Bravo 2 are 6" overall length with an approximately 2.5" blade and 3.5" handle. Like other similar neckers, the handle of the Bravo 2 is skeletonized. For those who desire, it would be easy to add paracord wrapping for a more hand-filling grip.

Bravo 2s are available in black, red, orange, tan, and green powder coating. The blade grinds, however, are as ground with no finish on that area. It creates a distinctive two-tone appearance.

Included with the Bravo 2 is a kydex neck sheath.

Something cool that Bark River has done with the Bravo 2 is offer optional pre-fit handle scales in various G10 and micarta flavors. The prices run between $45 and $50 dollars, which includes hardware to mount the scales to the knife.

The street price of the Bravo 2 is $69.


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