Benchmade 32 Morpho

While their practicality can be debated, balisong knives are a blast to play with.  Fortunately for balisong fans, there are ever-increasing numbers of high quality ones available.  Benchmade has led the pack by offering a variety of well made blades for all the flippers out there.

The Model 32 Morpho is a departure for Benchmade simply due to the fact that it is smaller than anything they have released before.  The Model 32 has a 3.25" spear point blade and an overall open length of 7.3".  The Model 32 also has an integral titanium pocket clip making edc-ing this knife very easy.  

As you've come to expect from Benchmade, this balisong reeks of quality.  First of all, the titanium liners are jewelled and anodized blue for a very striking appearance.  The handle scales are black G10 with linear grooves milled into them to aid in retention while also showing off the liners.  

To call the Model 32 smooth is an understatement.  During manipulations, the blade swings around the pivots with ease.  Although the blade is smaller than most balisongs, I don't find that the lost mass hinders any tricks.  It does take some adjustment, however, for those used to manipulating a heavier blade.  

Overall, the Benchmade 32 Morpho is a great little balisong package.  Its' small size and pocket clip make it very appealing if edc-ing a balisong is legal in your area. 


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