Benchmade Bali-USB Drive

Sure to excite all the Bali-philes out there, Benchmade is selling a 2 gig USB drive in the form of a balisong.  Benchmade’s website claims that it is flippable and has a locking latch. 
The handles are made of ABS plastic and the Benchmade logo butterfly is inscribed on the drive. 

From the photos released, it looks like the short handle might make it hard to flip.  Only handling one will answer that question. 

MSRP is $60 and the drive comes loaded with Benchmade propaganda… I mean wallpaper. 

All the Bali-USB drive needs is a kydex neck sheath so that you can whip it out and flip it, impressing all of your coworkers with the fingertip data gymnastics.


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