Benchmade CPM M4 Folders

In the next few days, Benchmade will be releasing two different folding knives featuring the Crucible high speed steel CPM M4.  This is an important step for the knife industry because it is the first time that a knife company has released production knives made from the steel.  For knife enthusiasts it is good news because it the steel pushes the envelope in terms of performance. 

One of the folders available in CPM M4 from Benchmade is the popular model 710.  The other is the Osborne designed model 12800.  The 12800 has been an NRA edition knife in the past but this run will not be. 

CPM M4 is a steel from Crucible that boasts more toughness than most any stainless steel and other tool steels such as D2, while also having a marked increase in wear resistance.  What that means for the knife is a bit more blade toughness and a lot better edge holding, which translates into more time between sharpening for the end user.

Both folders will use the excellent Axis lock.  The folders should sell in the $140-150 price range. 


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  1. chris vaughnc on Fri, 21st Jan 2011 3:33 am 

    recently I purchased a sibert design m390 patton #7278.213 which is olive green w/ kevlar type handle. I toook it to an oyster roast and on the fist one it chippped the tip of the blade. I’ve owned 4 benchmades and all have been to oyster roast & never had this problem. I purchased these last 2 knives @ smith family cleaners on folly rd,charleston, sc

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