Benchmade Griptilian Review

Since introduction, the Griptilian has been one of Benchmade’s most popular knives.  Obviously from the picture mine has been well used.  








As the name implies, the grip on the Griptilian is very comfortable.  Additionally, I’d have to give Benchmade high marks for the design because the Griptilian is very ergonomic and a user-friendly knife.  The execution, however, is a different matter.  

The steel used for my Griptilian is 440C, which is a high carbon stainless steel.  In my experience with the Griptilian, and on other knives, it is mediocre at best in edge holding.  The problem is compounded for the Griptilian because, like other Benchmade knives, the edge is fairly thick.  My Griptilian came with an edge .025” thick.  If you are looking for an edge that slices well, you will want to thin out the one on the Griptilian to suit your tastes.  

The Griptilian does benefit from having the patented Axis lock which I have found easy to use and reliable.  

Overall, I feel that there are better knives available on the market in the same size and price range, namely Spyderco’s Endura or Delica


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