Bring Back the Leatherman Sideclip Multi-tool

Recently, I saw online that someone was calling on Leatherman to begin remanufacturing the Sideclip multi-tool.

If you have read my previous post on the Leatherman Sideclip, then you know that the Sideclip is probably my favorite Leatherman tool to date.

As much as I would like to see it’s reintroduction, I have doubts about Leatherman’s ability to make the Sideclip with the same quality and at the same price point in 2008, judging from their current offerings.  

What is feasible though, in my opinion, is for Leatherman to develop a smaller and thinner version of the Wave, following the minimalistic design of the Sideclip.  

Ideally, it would have the same tools as the original Sideclip but possibly featuring the tool-bit driver and a one-hand deployable knife blade without opening the tool.  

Of course, an integral pocket clip is mandatory.

I feel that such a tool would fill a niche in Leatherman’s multi-tool line up for those people that everyday carry a multi-tool but have no need for their larger products.

It would also be nice if Leatherman could omit the security Torx fasteners.


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  2. AusNeil on Tue, 2nd Aug 2011 3:39 pm 

    I don’t understand your objection to Torx fasteners.

    The ‘standard’ fastener that Leatherman used on the original tools, including the sideclip, and the current Charge AL & ALX tools, is essentially unrepairable – you need to use 2 pairs of pliers to do any work on them and this leaves them mashed and scratched.

    I understand that not everyone wants to be able to service their own tools, but the use of a commercial fastener is a big step forward for those that do, and I fail to see what the drawback might be.

  3. Dr. Zhil on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 8:26 am 

    For all those reading this article, you can purchase the leatherman sideclip on eBay.

    Personally, I wouldn’t call on leatherman to bring back the sideclip. I would call on leatherman to give EVERY MULTITOOL THEY SELL a side clip – removable if the owner so chooses.

    There’s actually one that’s new in box on eBay for $170! Yikes! Still, it could be a collector’s item. There’s also plenty that are used/barely used for ~ $65-$80.

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