Chris Reeve Knives Umnumzaan

The Chris Reeve Knives (CRK) Umnumzaan made a big splash at the Blade Show this past year.  A new folding knife from a company as innovative as CRK is sure to turn heads and it seems so far that the Umnumzaan is well received by customers.  

I've been carrying one as an EDC knife for a few weeks and have to admit that it lives up to the hype.  

The thing that you immediately notice when handling the Umnumzaan is the design.  This knife is sleek.  It is evident that much time went into the design.  For starters, the blade to handle ratio is very close.  When folded, the tip of the blade just misses sticking out.  There's not any wasted handle space, that's for sure.

The blade shape is imminently useful for a variety of cutting tasks and also has a very modern style.  The thumb notch just in front of the thumb ramp is useful for pushing the blade through hard materials and the edges of the spine are nicely rounded for comfort.

As you would expect from CRK, the blade lock-up is solid with no play in any direction.  A detent on the blade tang puts firm pressure on the blade keeping it closed.  It would be difficult for the blade to open partially in the pocket. 

The only negative comments that I have are simply quality control related.  First of all, the edge appears to have been given a convex bevel but was not sharp out of the box.  It wouldn't even begin to shave.  After a few swipes on a strop it was shaving with ease.  

Lastly, the pivot was too tight from the factory making it hard to open the blade.  CRK plans to sell a wrench to adjust the pivot but it is not available yet.  The knife should have been properly adjusted before it left the factory.

In closing, the Umnumzaan just raised the bar.  It is, in my opinion, the best designed folder on the market.  Check one out if you can. 

Here is part two of the Chris Reeve Umnumzaan review.


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    […] I also like to carry a quality folding knife with locking blade. They are what some people refer to as tactical folders. The market is full of them so choose the one that has features that you like. Some of the brands to look at include Kershaw, Benchmade, and Spydero in the under $200 arena. For higher-end knives, look at the knives from Zero Tolerance and Chris Reeve. […]

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