Cold Steel Boot Knife

Boot knives are generally defined as a small hide-out dagger.  They are generally, but not always, double edged.  Today's boot knife comes from a long lineage of daggers designed to be secreted on one's body for self-defense purposes.

Boot knives remain popular today with most large knife companies making some sort of them.  The Gerber Mark 1 and 11 offerings from Camillus have the boot knives of choice for many years.  Gerber no longer makes the Mark 1, however, and Camillus is now out of business.

Fortunately, Cold Steel continues to offer a variety of boot knives.  Their traditional boot knives are named the Peacekeeper series.  The obvious difference between the Cold Steel boot knives and their competition is the construction.  Cold Steel makes boot knives heavy-duty, using thicker stock.  The result is a boot knife that is less likely to break, a weakness of all  dagger designs.

One of the shortcomings of traditional daggers, including boot knives, is the shallow primary bevel making for a poor cutting tool.  Cold Steel alleviates the issue by making their blades wider, making the edge geometry more suitable for cutting.

The only negative I have for the Peacekeeper is the small handle.  It seems as Cold Steel made the handle as minimalist as possible in order to allow more blade length in the same sized knife.  If you have big hands, the Peacekeeper may not be for you.

The Peacekeepers are available in two different sizes to suit your needs.  If you are in the market for a boot knife, the ones from Cold Steel are a very good option.


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