CRKT Polkowski Kasper Companion

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) is a company that offers innovative designs at competitive prices.  Historically, CRKT has been able to offer their wares at lower prices than other companies as they outsource their manufacturing to countries such as Taiwan.  This limits the variety of steels available for manufacturing; however, the quality of blades produced is extremely high. 

In my opinion, one of the best designs offered by CRKT to date was a collaborated effort between knife maker Al Polkowski and the late Bob Kasper.  The Polkowski Companion is one of a series of knives produced by Polkowski with inspiration from Kasper.

On to specifications, the knife is made of AUS6 steel, which is particle blasted for a smooth gray finish.  The blade length is about 3.5”, and the handle scales are black zytel.  

The Companion includes two sheaths which are, unfortunately, junk.  Truthfully, they are not serviceable in the least.  If you plan on carrying a CRKT Companion, you will need to secure a better sheath.

The CRKT Companion has since been discontinued but are still available if you look around.


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