Emerson Knives CQC-13

Call me a skeptic, but for a long time I didn't buy into the hype surrounding Emerson Knives.

Since the knives I carry get used for a little of everything, I don't like chisel ground blades.  Not only that, I've never cared for blades made of ATS-34/154CM.  Although they aren't bad, there's just better performing steels available.

Then you have the wave feature, which I never found necessary because with a little practice most tactical folders can be opened using only centrifugal force.

However, in a moment of weakness, I purchased a CQC-13.  Being a sucker for bowies and liking the handle shape, it was only natural for the CQC-13 to be the Emerson knife that finally made its way into my pocket.

First of all, I think that the handle of the CQC-13 is one of the best of any tactical folder.  In a hammer or gorilla grip, it locks your hand in place nicely.  All of the edges of the G-10 scales and titanium liners are adequately rounded to prevent rubbing your fingers sore.

The blade has a shallow flat-grind that you'd expect to see on an Emerson knife.  Even with a thick edge, the knife will get pretty sharp.

The wave feature is hit or miss, depending on the style of pants that I wear.  I have found that some pants require a different draw stroke than others in order to activate the wave.  For example, some pockets require forward pressure on the handle, while others require rearward pressure to snag the wave.

I also wish Emerson would drill and tap their liners to make the pocket clip ambidextrous, even if it meant a higher price point.

In conclusion, I feel that there are much better deals out there in the tactical folder market.  But if you like the look and feel of Emerson Knives and can get a good deal on one, you could do a lot worse.


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