Gerber 600 Multi-Pliers

Gerber has been in the multitool business for almost two decades and probably has as many in use worldwide as Leatherman. Of Gerber's tools, the model 600 is the most ubiquitous.

The Gerber 600 Multi-Plier is available in many different configurations. The options vary from plier type to the tools carried on-board. All of the tools on the Gerber 600 securely lock when opened. The locking mechanism is intuitive and effective.

The Gerber 600 also differs from the Leatherman style multi-tools in that the pliers can be accessed without having to open the tool. Like most Leatherman tools, the pliers must be open to access the stowed-away tools.

The biggest complaint that I have about the Gerber tools is that the particle blasted finish applied to them rusts easier then the satin finish used by competitors. Admittedly, that is a minor nit pick.

The Gerber 600 is a quality tool that should be considered when looking for a new multitool, especially if you like the quick plier access.


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