Himalayan Imports WW2 Kuhkri

The definition of EDC can roughly be stated as the tools and gear necessary for daily life, or at least to make it easier.  Of course those items should be dictated by the operating environment and personal needs of the user.

While too unwieldy for EDC by urban dwellers, many people have a need to carry a large knife for clearing trails, brush, etc.  The Kuhkri (also spelled as Kukuri or Kukri) is one such knife. 

The native knife of the mountainous people of Nepal, the Kuhkri is thought to be of the lineage of the Greek Kopis due to its' large curved blade. 

The best of the Kuhkris imported into the United States are those from Himalayan Imports (HI).  The Kuhkris from HI are made in a small shop by a group of Nepalese Kuhkri-makers, called Kamis.  HI offers a wide range of Kuhkris in different sizes and blade shapes that originate from the various regions of Nepal. 

The Kuhkri in the picture is a World War 2 model.  It is modeled after the Kuhkri carried by the Gurkhas in the service of the British during that war.  It is a large Kuhkri (18” overall).  The Kuhki is unlike any American knife.  They are generally forged from vehicle leaf springs and can be upwards of ½ inch thick.  Instead of being ground, Kuhkris have a series of hollows or troughs that gradually thin the blade towards the edge. 

For people outside of Nepal, what endears them to the Kuhkri is its’ cutting ability.  A Kuhkri will easily chop through a small tree in one slice due to the keen edge and shear mass of the blade.

If you need a large blade for your daily tasks and you like the looks of a Kuhkri, check out Himalayan Imports.  With a lifetime replacement policy and quality product you can’t go wrong.    


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