Keyring Tool Evaluation: Part 1

Not everyone wants to carry a full size multi-tool on their person.  A small, unobtrusive tool is often preferred.  With that in mind, this is the first of two posts on the two most popular keyring plier tools.  This post covers the Sebertech M2 while the next will examine the Swiss-Tech 6-in-1 tool. 








The Sebertech M2 has been on the market for several years.  It features a large flat-blade screwdriver as well as a large Phillips-head screwdriver.  The pliers resemble a miniature version of full-sized pliers that are useful for turning nuts up to about 1/2" in size.  

The M2 is coated with a Teflon finish, available in black or gray, that prevents corrosion of the injection molded steel making up the M2.  The M2 folds up to 1" by  1 7/8" and is 3 3/8" long when opened. 

The biggest con that I've found in carrying the M2 is its' tendency to loosen when folded and attached to a keyring.  The hinges loosen allowing the keyring holder opposite the pliers to open.  The result is the tool falling off of the keyring.  If you're lucky, you'll notice and not lose the tool.

Overall, the Sebertech M2 is a fairly useful tool for its' size.  The tendency to fall off of the keyring, however, is a serious fault.  The MSRP is $23.46 but the M2 can be commonly found for half of that price.    


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