Knifemakers Guild Show 2008

The 2008 Knifemakers Guild Show was last weekend.  For those that weren't able to make it, I'll give a brief overview of what was on display.  The show was in Orlando, Florida.  Next year it will be in Louisville, Kentucky.

First of all, most of the knives at the show could be described as traditional.  There were plenty of art knives by the well-known art knife makers.  There were also some great integrals from Edmund Davidson and Dietmar Kressler for those collectors with enough dough. 

Hunters and folders made up the majority of the non-art knives.  Again, the majority of them were traditional; read, blah.  The only "tactical" knives present were a few fighters from Kevin Hoffman. 

Did I mention that were a lot of overpriced hunters?  Paul LeBetard had a nice table full of users on display. 

My personal "Best Bowie Award" goes to Charlie and Harry Mathews of Twin Blades for their stag-handled bowie.  While a little bit short for my tastes, it was a nice looking knife. 

On a side note, walking the show floor, you couldn't help but notice the overwhelming numbers of older white males.  The show could definitely use an infusion of new blood. 

All-in-all it was a disappointing show.  The Guild needs something new and fresh if it wants to remain a viable organization in the future. 


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