Leatherman Fuse

Most people who are looking to purchase a multi-tool seem to want a simple tool that is not overly expensive.  They don’t need bells or whistles.  Just the tools they use everyday. 

One such multi-tool is the Leatherman Fuse.  If you’ve read my other multi-tool articles, then you know I think that Leatherman is one of the best multi-tool manufacturers.

I would call the Leatherman Fuse an average sized multi-tool.  Compared to my favorite multi-tool, the Leatherman Sideclip, the Fuse is larger featuring two common screw-drivers, one Phillips-head screw-driver, a can opener, small scissors, knife blade, and lanyard loop.  All of the blades lock open with an intuitive, yet secure, locking system.  The knife blade on the Fuse is hollow ground and about 3” long. 

Instead of using screw pivots as in the past, this time Leatherman used rivets in the construction of the Fuse.  The downside is that there is no way to tighten the pivots if they loosen over time.  For the record, the specimen I have has shown no signs of loosening after months of steady use. 

For those people who want a multi-tool but can not have a knife blade, Leatherman makes a version of the Fuse that has a file in place of the knife blade.  It may prove popular in countries with restrictive knife laws.

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