Leatherman Sideclip Multi-tool

Several years ago, I picked up a Leatherman Sideclip multi-tool for next to nothing. I bought it for it's compactness and attached pocket clip.

For my use, the Sideclip has just the tools I require and nothing extra. Specifically, it only has one non-serrated knife blade, one Phillips-head screwdriver, a can opener, and three flat-blade screwdrivers. All of the tools are well made and of high quality.

After years of use, the pivots on mine are loose enough to "butterfly" it open, which translates into easy one-hand deployment of the pliers.

The only complaint that I have for this great tool is that Leatherman chose to use Torx-plus security screws for the pivots so user-level maintenance is impossible. Unfortunately, Leatherman has discontinued the Sideclip. This Sideclip must have developed quite a following because they regularly sell for upwards of $85 new on Ebay.

The Sideclip's replacement is the Leatherman Kick. It lacks one of the flat-blade screwdrivers and the overall quality of the tools have dropped. Pocket clips for the Kick are available as an add-on item.

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. I just wish that I had known the end was coming and I would have purchased a couple spare Leatherman Sideclips.



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