Lone Wolf Knives T1

Lone Wolf Knives hit the market a few years ago offering high-end production knives designed by well known custom knife makers, including Bob Loveless.  


Their tactical line of folders was designed by Bill Harsey who has also worked with Boker and Chris Reeve Knives.  The T1 is the smallest of the series with a three inch blade.  

The T1 is the first knife that I have owned from Lone Wolf.  Honestly, while the design is solid, the execution is severely lacking.  

My biggest gripe about the T1 is the liner lock.  My T1 has what I consider poor lock-up due to the lock almost touching the opposite liner.  The knife also has vertical blade play which is caused by the poor lock-up.  

Moving on to the blade, it is made of CPM S30V, which is known as a high quality cutlery stainless steel.  The problem is that the edge is much too thick at over .030”.  Having the thick edge drastically inhibits the knife’s cutting ability and also increases sharpening difficulty.  

Unfortunately, my T1 also has carbon fiber scales, which is usually considered a high-end handle material.  The carbon fiber used by Lone Wolf is very slick causing retention problems with wet or sweaty hands.  

In closing, when you consider the price of a Lone Wolf knife, I feel that there are much better options on the market if you are looking for performance.  Lone Wolf’s quality control will have to be improved if they plan to become a major player in the folding knife market. 


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