Nemesis Knives Pocket Protector

There's just something inherently practical in small fixed blade knives.  For starters, they don't have a mechanical lock that can fail.  They also don't have the design limitations of a folder, meaning that you can have pretty much any blade or handle shape your heart desires.  For whatever the reason, small fixed blades have taken off in popularity in recent years. 

One such knife is the Pocket Protector from Nemesis Knives.  What's different about the Pocket Protector is that it can be carried two different ways.  First of all, it can be carried as a neck knife.  As the name implies, however, the Pocket Protector also includes a pocket clip on the handle of the knife so that the knife can be carried in the pocket, similar to a pocket clip-equipped folder.

In terms of the specifications, the Pocket Protector is made from CPM 154 and is coated in Black DLC, an extremely hard finish.  The overall length is about 5", which is short enough to fit inside a pocket without reaching the bottom of the pocket lining.  

In use, the Pocket Protector is light and handy.  When worn as a neck knife, its' weight is light enough not to be annoying.  In the pocket it is easily accessible. 

The only thing that I would change regarding the Pocket Protector is to have it sold with two sheathes.  One for pocket carry and one for neck carry.  As is it now, you have to remove the sheath from the blade after the knife is drawn from the pocket.  I'd like to see a sheath that would stay in the pocket as the knife is drawn.


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