New ZT Knives & Hinderer Flipper

Update!: The ZT Knives Hinderer flipper, model 560, should begin shipping any day now. Hopefully, the 561 will be close behind. Also, the 550 is shipping in small batches for those that don't need or want the flipper action.

The latest information released from KAI is that the 560 and 561 will start being released by the end of the year! Those who have been on a waiting list should be first in line when they begin to be shipped.

The rumors have been confirmed! There is another collaboration between ZT Knives and custom knife maker Rick Hinderer. This time the knife will be a flipper with bearing pivots! For those not familiar with the parties, ZT Knives is owned by KAI, who also owns Kershaw Knives. ZT Knives specializes in higher-end, high quality knives for the "tactical" market. The popular 0301 model collaboration between Strider Knives, Ken Onion, and ZT has been very successful. Rick Hinderer is known for his XM-18 heavy duty flipper folder.

The CAD rendering below was posted by KAI employee Thomas W on

ZT Knives and Hinderer already have an upcoming collaboration project with the model 0550 and 0551 sprint release. The 0551 has already hit the streets in limited numbers and the 0550 should be out soon. The 0550/0551 is a frame lock folder with G10 and titanium scales.

The new ZT Knives/ Hinderer flipper will utilize something similar to the IKBS (Ikoma-Korth Bearing System) pivot bearing system, labeled Kershaw Velocity Technology (KVT). KVT appears to be different from IKBS in that the ball bearings are pressed into nylon washers so that they install as one washer unit rather than several individual bearings. Functioning should be the same as IKBS but installation or removal should prove much less aggravating.

The new ZT-Hinderer Flipper has a 3D textured CNC machined brown G10 scale and titanium lock-side. Like other ZT Knives, it will come drilled and tapped for four-way pocket clip mounting. The pocket clip is a new low-ride design made to put the knife deeper into the pocket.

The exact details have now been published. The collaboration will have two model numbers initially, the ZT0560 and ZT0561. The only difference is that the 0560 will have a black scale and the 0561 will have a desert tan scale. Both blades will have Elmax steel from Bohler-Uddeholm. The Elmax should perform similarly to Crucible's CPMS30V. The blade length is 3.75" and has a stonewashed/ tumbled finish.

The knife when closed is 5" long overall and weighs in at 5.8 ounces, which is not bad considering it's size and blade dimensions.

MSRP is said to be $325. That should put it in the price range as the ZT Knives 0301. The new flippers should start trickling on to shelves by the end of the year. I wouldn't expect to see them in large numbers until next year. It sounds like the 0561 will be released first followed by the 0560.

If everything comes together, and it looks like it is, the new flipper from ZT Knives and Rick Hinderer could be one of the best production "tactical" folders available. I'll even jump out on a limb by predicting that it will be hugely successful for both parties involved.

The knife will be on display at the Kershaw/ ZT Knives booth at the 2011 Blade Show in Atlanta for those going to get their hands on the knife.

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