RAT/ESEE Izula Neck Knife

Randall's Adventure and Training recently changed their name to ESEE to prevent any confusion with other knife companies. They have garnered an earned reputation for offering high quailty, rugged knives at affordable prices. Their neck knife, the Izula, has become very popular due to it's design and price.

The Izula is 6.25" long with a blade length of 2 3/4". Made for hard field use, the Izula is large enough for most cutting chores while still being small enough to be carried unobtrusively. The knife weighs in at 2 oz without the sheath.

The Izula has a flat ground blade for efficient cutting. It's tip design is drop point, allowing for fine cutting while keeping enough thickness to prevent breaking the tip. The edge thickness is approximately .030", which in my opinion errs on the side of durability rather than cutting efficiency.

Reflecting it's origins, the Izula is made of .165" thick 1095 high carbon steel. 1095 is a good choice for this knife in my opinion because it can be hardened adequately while retaining high strength properties. 1095 is also much less expensive than other high alloy steels which keeps the price point of the Izula low.

Some people may bemoan the fact that stainless steel wasn't used on the Izula, but it was designed for hard use, an area where stainless steels trail low alloy carbon steels. To mitigate corrosion, Izula knives are powder coated. That powder coating should prove to be more durable than other Teflon-style or molybdenum disulfide (moly-coat) finishes.

The powder coating is offered in a variety of colors including OD green, black, tan, and pink.

All Izulas include an injection molded sheath that holds the knife securely, albeit in a clunky manner.

Having used the Izula for a variety of tasks, I have three small nit-picks. First of all, I would prefer a slightly longer handle. Having average sized hands, I find the Izula's handle to be on the short side. Secondly, I would prefer that it's edge be thinner. I feel that .020" would be a good compromise. Obviously, your intended use should dictate edge thickness. Lastly, the sheath is bulky to the point of being ludicrous. It is functional but clumsy. I'd rather pay a bit more for the knife and have a quality kydex or concealex sheath included.

All in all, the Izula is one of the best production neck knives to come along, ever. Selling for around $40, it is definitely a best buy. Knife users would be hard pressed to find a better value than the Izula.

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