Spyderco 2009 Catalog

Spyderco's 2009 catalog is out.  Included in the offerings are some anticipated knives. 

The usual Delicas and Enduras are present again this year in several configurations.  The first new item is the flat ground Police 3.  It has a new G10 handle design that includes a choil.  The next new knife is the Native 4 which is also flat ground but with carbon fiber handle scales.  

It should be no surprise that the Jens Anso Rock Lobster is present along with Ed Schemmp's Barong and Khukuri.  The Barong is already on dealer's shelves.  The Leaf Storm by Kevin Wilkins is also in the catalog. 

There are also a couple of new fixed blade knives.  The Bushcraft is shown in the catalog in a Scandi-ground version as well as a knife called the Jumpmaster which has a serrated sheepsfoot blade. 

I should also mention that the catalog shows sprint runs being made this year of the J. D. Smith, Goddard, and a white FRN Dragonfly. 

As usual, it looks like Spyderco will be busy again this year pumping out new knives. 


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