Spyderco Barong

Another Spyderco and Ed Schempp collaboration, as previously mentioned, is out now; the barong.  Like the name implies, the knife is a folding barong tactical folder with a traditional leaf-shaped blade. 

The VG-10 blade is four inches long but only about three are sharpened.  It was reported that the production barong would have its’ flat grind plunge cuts closer to the scales but that didn’t happen.  Frankly, the knife looks a bit odd with an inch of unsharpened blade between the cutting edge and handle. 

The scales are Spyderco’s foliage green G10 and the handle looks to be very comfortable. 

This knife is supposed to be the first of two Spyderco/Ed Schempp ethnic collaborations, the other being a folding khukri.  There’s no word in when it will be released. 

MSPR is $249.00.    


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