Spyderco Bob Lum Chinese ZDP-189 Review

I announced back in August 2008 that the Spyderco Lum Chinese ZDP-189 had begun hitting dealer shelves.  It was exciting news then because the Lum Chinese sprint run had been highly anticipated since the standard production Lum Chinese had been discontinued.  The sprint run was made even more enticing when we found out that it was being made with a ZDP-189 blade, a new super-steel that is incredibly hard (63-64 RC)!

Only 1200 of the new Chinese models are being made and Spyderco has indicated that the factory manufacturing them in Japan can only produce 200 units a month.  Therefore, the Lum Chinese have been slowly trickling into the States. 

Fortunately for me, my patience paid off and I was able to snag one. 

My initial impression of the knife was very favorable.  The black almite handle is well rounded and comfortable in the hand.  The sample that I have has solid lockup on the blade tang with no play whatsoever.     

But the blade is what makes this knife.  The wide leaf-shaped blade has a full flat grind.  That combination makes for a cutting machine.  You won't find many knives that cut better than the Lum Chinese.  Consider it a pocket light saber. 

I have heard some complaints about minor manufacturing defects on the Lum Chinese sprint run, but my sample shows no indications of that.  The plunge cuts are even and the blade centers in the handle when folded.  The swedge along the top of the blade is not quite even, but that is nothing out of the ordinary for a production knife. 

Overall, this is a great knife.  I think it could handle any cutting task you throw at it with ease.  It is unfortunate that the Chinese ZDP-189 model is a sprint run.  I'd like to see it made a regular production model. 

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