Spyderco D’Allara

Before getting started, it is important to note that the Spyderco D’Allara knife was dedicated to NYPD Officer John D’Allara who was killed on 09/11/01 when he entered the World Trade Center Building One.

On to details, the D’Allara is a folding knife from Spyderco that features their Ball Lock.  The Ball Lock is a proprietary lock that uses a steel ball to engage the blade tang and lock the knife open.  The lock is quite ingenious and simple in design.  

The D’Allara’s blade is approximately 3.5” long and made of VG10.  The edge is hollow ground higher than most other hollow ground Spydercos.  It makes for a fairly thin edge that slices with ease.

The handle scales are textured FRN with a steel back spacer.  

A nice feature not often seen on Spydercos is a small circular choil at the plunge cut.  It makes sharpening the first eighth of an inch of the blade easier.  

In using the D’Allara, I’ve found that closing it with one hand is tricky, but possible.  The ball is slick and can be hard to grasp.  Pushing downward on the top of the ball with the thumbnail seems to be the best method for unlocking the blade with one hand.

The only criticism that I have of the knife is that it needs some jimping or serrations on the top spine of the blade behind the Spyderhole.  Otherwise, it is a great knife for the price.

Unfortunately, the D’Allara is now discontinued.  Get one while they’re still available.       


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