Spyderco Endura Waved

For several months now, Spyderco has been making a licensed Wave version of their popular Endura folding locking knife.  

For those that don’t know what the Wave is, it is an appendage, patented by Emerson Knives, that is added to the top spine of the knife blade that catches the seam of the pocket as the knife is withdrawn.  Basically, the blade opens automatically as the knife is removed from the pocket.  Check out the Emerson Knives website to see videos of the Wave in action.

The Waved Endura combines the best features of Spyderco knives, such as competitive pricing, high performance cutting, ambidextrousness, and a solid lock with the quick opening of the Wave.  It makes for an awesome combination.  

Many people have found that they actually prefer the Wave on the Endura versus Emerson Knives due to the Wave being higher up on the blade making it easier to deploy.

Of course, the knife can still be opened in the normal fashion if the user prefers not to use the Wave feature.

If effortless one-hand opening is a requirement you have for a folding knife, check out the Spyderco Endura Waved. 

For those that prefer small knives, Spyderco is also making a version of their popular Delica folder with the Wave. 



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