Spyderco Smallfly Update

The sprint run of Spyderco’s Smallfly has unfortunately come and gone.  Good news is on the horizon, however.

Spyderco recently added a downloadable supplemental catalog to their website revealing their soon to be released knives.  It appears that the Smallfly has made the cut for full-blown production.  The production Smallfly version differs from the sprint run in that the handles are black aluminum instead of steel with G10 scales.  The good news is that the price of the production version will hopefully be cheaper.  Steel and blade shape remain the same.

The catalog also shows a trainer version of the Smallfly.    

There is no word regarding a scheduled release date, but for many balisong fans, it will not come too soon.

Judging from Spyderco’s previous balisong offerings, the production Smallfly will no doubt be a hit.  

Also of worthwhile mention is the inclusion of the Rock Lobster in Spyderco’s supplemental catalog.


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