Spyderco Smallfly

As mentioned in the Spyderco 2008 Amsterdam Meet post, Spyderco had a prototype Smallfly on exhibit.  

It seems that the Smallfly has now hit the streets.  Pricing is in the $185 range, which puts it roughly in the same ballpark as the Benchmade Morpho.

The Smallfly is a smaller version of the popular Spyderco Spyderfly.

I don’t know why, but this is the first balisong that has intrigued me in quite a while.  

The specs on the Smallfly include a 3” blade of 154CM and G10 handle scales.  I really dig the handle scales, though I have heard complaints that their flatness hinders some manipulations.  The Smallfly also has a wire pocket clip and spring-loaded latch.

Probably due in part to import restrictions, the Smallfly is manufactured entirely at Spyderco’s facility in Golden, Colorado.  I would like to see a version of the Spyderfly with the same G10 handle scales.

In my mind, the only thing better than the Smallfly would be a Small Szabofly.  That would be cool.

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