Spyderco Spydercard Review

Many people like EDCing a knife for everyday cutting needs but don't want to be encumbered with a large tactical folding knife. Afterall, a small unobtrusive pocket knife will handle most cutting chores while being less likely to raise eyebrows.

As small, unobtrusive folding knives go, few have ever been as carry friendly as Spyderco's Spydercard.

Designed by Israeli knifemaker Eduard Bradichansky, the Spydercard could be called the ultimate EDC knife.  As the name implies, the Spydercard is made to fit in a credit card slot in a wallet. Once in place, deploying is as easy as simply grabbing the generous Spyderhole and pulling it out.

Unlike other credit card style knives, the Spydercard is very utilitarian.  The 2.5” blade is hollow ground and cuts as well as any Spyderco folder.  While the handle is not ideally shaped, it is comfortable enough to use and contoured to prevent slipping out of the hand.

The construction of the Spydercard is simply a stamped aluminum frame with integral lock.  The lock is accessed by the thumb through a hole in the frame.

Unfortunately, Spyderco discontinued the Spydercard in 2006.  However, they are making a version of it in their Byrd line of knives called the Flatbyrd.  Spyderco has even made some improvements in the Flatbyrd by using an adjustable pivot and putting lightening holes throughout the frame to reduce weight.  

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