Spyderco Warrior Knife

Spyderco is reportedly planning to produce a new version of the Hobbit Warrior knife.  It was designed for the Israeli military. 

The steel is going to be H1 with FRN handle scales.  The spine of the blade will not have the trapping serrations of the prior Warriors, but will have Spyderco's popular serrations for cutting fibrous materials. 

The design closely mirrors the prior Warrior knives, only with an obvious Spyderco influence.  First of all, the blade tip is slightly different.  Secondly, the handle is full-tang with handle scales.  The handle retains the finger grooves of the original Warriors.  Lastly, instead of the attached pommel, the Spyderco Warrior has a pointed pommel integral with the tang. 

It will be interesting to see how the knife balances and moves in the hand versus the Al Mar and REKAT Warriors. 

At this time, MSRP is unknown. 


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