Spyderco Warrior Released

I had previously posted that Spyderco was planning a new version of the Warrior knife. I am happy to say that they are now on dealer's shelves.

The knife is definitely reminiscent of the original Warrior knives, having lines that follow the original design. Specifically, you'll notice immediately the curved blade and finger grooved handle. But that's where the similarities end.

Unlike the original Warriors from Al Mar and REKAT, the Spyderco Warrior has a full tang with FRN handle scales. Functionally, there should not be much difference. The handle shape has been slightly changed, however, with an enlarged pinkie finger hook. The tang also ends in a protruding point vice the pommel spike of the earlier knives.

The knife retains the guard of the originals, which maintains a similar shape.

One of the prominent features of the Warrior series was coarsely made serrations on the spine of the blade. Protruding from the blade's rearward curve, the serrations were originally intended for trapping an opponent's limb until a finishing cut could be dealt. The Spyderco knife sports a more usual serration pattern, which raises questions to their intended use. Spyderco's website indicates that the knife was commissioned for Guy Rafaeli, who probably also had some design input. Perhaps Rafaeli and Spyderco felt that the serrations would serve more practical uses in maritime or emergency rescue environments while maintaining some of the knife's original design intentions. No matter, it is unlikely that the serrations would work as well for limb trapping as the original Warrior design.

An interesting aspect of Spyderco's Warrior is the blade material. It is manufactured from H1, which Spydecrco advertised as a rust-free austenitic steel. What that means in laymen's terms is that material is a ferritic alloy similar to more traditional knife steels, only with a modification that prevents it from rusting. That should be it ideal for use around water.

In conclusion, it is exciting to see a new revision of the classic Warrior knife released from a manufacture as respected as Spyderco. While their design strays from the original somewhat, it does maintain the spirit of the Warrior knife. The Warrior is selling online for around $260, which is not a bargain but not outrageous. I'd personally like to see Spyderco make another version of the Warrior in a less expensive steel to reduce the selling price. Overall, I'm happy to see the Warrior available again.

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