Swiss Army Knife Question

Question: I want to buy a Swiss Army Knife for my husband but do not know much about knives. What style should I be looking at and where can I buy one on sale or at a discount? - Mary, Mountain View, AR.

Answer: The term Swiss Army Knife does not refer to a brand but a style of knife. When someone says Swiss Army knife, they are generally referring to a non-locking pocket knife made by Victorinox or Wenger, both of which make Swiss Army style knives in Switzerland. Which of those brands or models you should be looking at will depend on your husband's use for the knife. Both companies make an extremely wide variety of pocket knives to fill almost any need, including one with a USB thumb drive in case your husband is a computer geek. Specifically, take a look at the Executive or Classic models. They are small but have the tools that most people want on a knife such as these. Also, if you feel that a multi-tool would be more appropriate, take a look at the Victorinox Swisstool.

Many department stores and online retailers offer Swiss Army knives at a discount. If not, they will usually place them on sale for holiday sales. Some knife dealers also offer custom Swiss Army knives with personalized engraving, if that is important to you. Also keep in mind, some models of the knives are available in colors other than red. Some of the other colors include black, orange, pink, and green.

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