Victorinox Swisstool Spirit

Victorinox, the maker of the famous Swiss Army Knives, makes a line of multi-tools, which use the name Swisstool. The Swisstools have garnered a reputation for being some of the highest quality multi-tools on the market. Like Victorinox's other products, they're Swiss made with obvious attention to detail using Swiss made steel.

Their most recent offering in the multi-tool market is the Swisstool Spirit series. The Spirit continues the Swisstool quality only being made with less bulk and lighter weight. The combination of quality and a minimalistic design has made the Spirit series a success for Victorinox.

To date, Victorinox has brought three Swisstool Spirit variations to the US market; the Spirit, Spirit S, and the Spirit X. All Swisstools, including the Spirit series, have locking tools for safety. The Spirit S differs in that it has a knife blade, which was conspicuously missing from the original Spirit, only having a serrated knife blade. The Spirit X variation replaces the serrated knife blade with scissors, but retains the plain edge knife blade of the Spirit S.

Unlike other multi-tools that have cast or metal injection molded tools, the tools on the Spirit appear to stamped and machined. So far, I have no had a problem with the screwdrivers rolling or bending.

Victorinox also offers the Spirit Plus, which includes a bit driver and bits. For those that use the bit driver tools, Victorinox has also begun offering a variation of the Spirit Plus with a ratchet feature. The MSRP for the Swisstool Spirit Plus Ratchet is $150 dollars.

The Swisstool Spirits retail for $100 dollars but can be found for a little more than half of that at major retail chain stores.

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