Best EDC Flashlight

Question: I'm not familiar with the various brands of flashlights on the market or their specs but am looking for a good flashlight to carry with me everyday. What do you suggest? Mack from Honolulu.

Answer: It boils down to your intended use for the flashlight and how much you are willing to spend. As a general rule, I recommend staying away from rechargeable flashlights for everyday carry because you can't quickly get the flashlight working again. A non-rechargeable flashlight can be returned to service as quickly as you can swap out the battery.

In my opinion, Surefire makes some of the best flashlights available. One of Surefire's best models for everyday carry is the E1B. It's small, rugged, and bright enough for most uses. For tactical or police use, I feel the the best Surefire is the L1 or LX2 due to their simpler user interface.

Another good flashlight brand is the NovaTac series. The NovaTac Storm flashlight model is reasonably priced and well made.

Lastly, Fenix brand flashlights are another option. Don't expect them to be as reliable as a Surefire, however. They are reasonable quality tools for the amount paid. Here's a review of the Fenix L2T.

The bottom line is that I would stick with an LED flashlight as the lamp will probably last the life of the flashlight. That means that the only thing you need to go to keep it working is change the batteries when they die.

Stick with the major brands that I outlined above and you can't go wrong.


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