Surefire L1 Cree Flashlight

Surefire has entered the high output LED race with Cree upgrades to some of their LED line of tactical flashlights. After hearing all the internet chatter about the new and improved L1 Cree, I got one to carry.

The Cree LED definitely boosted the power of the previously anemic Surefire LED series of lights. Before, the Surefire LEDs were pretty much limited to a utility role. But with a max output of 65 lumens, which is roughly the same as the old standby Surefire 6P, the L1 Cree is now bright enough to be called a tactical light.

What really makes this light great is the 10 lumen low output setting. At 10 lumens, the L1 has an unregulated runtime of 12 hours. 10 lumens is plenty of light for most everyday flashlight requirements. With 12 hours of battery life, you don’t have to worry about constantly changing expensive batteries. When higher light output is needed, just press the tactical tail cap in further.

During informal tests I conducted, the L1 Cree provided more detail and clarity at 20-25 yards than a Surefire E2E incandescent. The best part is that it runs on only one cr123a battery.

With its’ dual 10 and 65 lumen outputs combined with a tactical tail cap and Surefire reliability, the Surefire L1 Cree is as perfect of an edc flashlight as I’ve seen.

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